It is indicated in treatment of protruded, extruded, sequestrated, fragmented cervical, lumbar, thoracic disc herniation with median and/or paramedian location.

The reason of pain, discomfort, complaint must be the disc herniation. If the pain / discomfort is caused by an additional pathology such as foraminal stenosis, calcified disc, spinal narrow tract, instability.


The product is applied as shown in the brochure. Absolute bed rest is necessary for 24 hours after the application, except basic physical needs..

First of all, open the card box of ARTCURE PW Diffusional Patch. Remove the primary packaging, leaflet and 2 pieces of gel from the box.

Tear the primary packaging and remove the patch, sterile gel diffuser and 5 bands..

Attach both gels by screwing them to the applicators on the patch.

Pour the entire gel into the patch.

Using the sterile diffuser, make sure that the gel is Remove the applicators on the patch with the gel. Remove the applicators on the patch with the gel. diffused thoroughly.

Remove the applicators on the patch with the gel.

Position the patch so as to cover the hernia disc entirely and to make sure that the porous section has contact with the skin.
Make sure that the patch is aligned with the spine and positioned on the herniated area.
Remove the protective paper on the hypoallergenic adhesive bands, which come in the card box, and place them to secure the patch.
Use other bands to cover the patch, slightly overlapping them one on top of another.
When applied to the neck; position the patch so as to have contact with the skin 1 inch below the base of the neck.
Using hypoallergenic adhesive bands, cover the entire patch.

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