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Mechanism of Action

Artcure® PW Diffusional Patch is not a medicine. Its effects are mechanical. The system achieving such mechanical effect is the formed fatty molecules inside Artcure® PW DP.
With its designated ARTCURE® PW carrier, ARTCURE® PW components reaching nucleus pulposus (herniated disc) ensure that the water inside the nucleus pulposus (which is approximately 80% in volume) is bulged out; therefore, mass of the herniated nucleus pulposus is significantly reduced. Once the nucleus pulposus becomes lighter, it makes less pressure on the nerve root and spine itself. This in return significantly relieves the patient’s pain.

Disc is a tissue without venous structure, so it does not nurtured by blood. Diffusion is what makes the disc remained nurtured. The inner portion is a gel-like substance. The outer ring is a controlled semi permeable structure. Permeability increases in the corrupted or ruptured disc section due to herniation, making penetration of the formed fatty molecules inside Artcure PW possible. Artcure® PW may not penetrate the healthy disc with an intact outer ring. Therefore, it only affects the herniated section.

With the penetration of formed fatty molecules with low concentration to the herniated section, osmotic pressure in the herniated disc section is reduced. Concentration and viscosity of the herniated disc section also decrease compared to the surrounding tissues. Liquid inside the herniated hyposmolar disc is dislocated towards the surrounding tissues with more hyposmolarity. Thus, mass of the herniated disk is reduced as well as its pressure on the nerve tissue. As a result, Artcure® PW is a non-invasive method that can be tried before surgical operations.

The Effect Mechanism Artcure® PW DP On Patients Who Have Disc Herniation

Effect of Artcure

Rapid Action

To get the expected action, the patient must remain in rest position for 24 hours After ARTCURE® PW is transdermall applied on the herniated section. ARTCURE® PW is the treatment support ensuring rapid recovery from disc herniation without having to interrupt your work life.

High Rates of Success

When applied to the right patient, ARTCURE® PW shows high rates of success

Low Cost

Compared to other treatment methods, total treatment costs of ARTCURE® PW is significantly lower. ARTCURE® PW DP’s cost-efficiency analysis demonstrates its economical benefits.

Low Relapse Rate

Since the application of ARTCURE® PW does not disrupt the integrity of human anatomy, the chances of relapse are significantly low. Patients recovered from the symptoms must however continue to avoid impacts which would cause disc herniation in their daily routine.

At the result of MRI imaging after 4 weeks, massive contraction is observed on the patients’ herniated areas (Patient 1, 2, 3, 4).

At the result of MRI imaging after 4 weeks, massive contraction is observed on the patients’ herniated areas (Patient 1, 2, 3, 4).

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